W1: Virtual Reality in Education Tips and Tricks

  • Lecturer:  Lukáš Macenauer
  • Time: 13:40-14:40 19.6. 2023
  • Room: Petřín

Based on project VirTrain the workshop gives you an opportunity to understand of using virtual reality in (language) learning and teaching. Part of the workshop will be practical experience with Occulus Rift VR googles.

W2: PROFFORMANCE How to Assess Higher Education Teacher Competences

  • Lecturers:  Jan Beseda, Ida Dringó-Horváth, Ruaidhri Neavyn:
  • Duration: 14:40-15:40 19.6. 2023
  • Time: Petřín

The workshop will show how to map, formatively assess comptences of higher education by PROFFORMANCE tool. The PROFFORMANCE Assessment Tool provides a complex picture of teacher performance. This comprehensive, flexible, adaptive, and formative tool navigates among the different requirements of higher education policies and stakeholders. It gives feedback for individual teachers and in the case of wide-scale surveys provides data for evidence-based decision-making at various (institutional, national or even regional) levels.

W3: Microsoft AI Supported Tools for Education

  • Lecturers:  Karel Klatovský
  • Time: 11:40-12:40 19.6. 2023 or 16:15-17:00 20.6.
  • Room: Petřín
This workshop aims to provide educators with practical insights and hands-on experience in utilizing Artificial Intelligence (AI) within their teaching practices. With the rapid advancements in AI technology, teachers have an unprecedented opportunity to leverage these tools to enhance student learning, streamline administrative tasks, and foster personalized education.